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College Bound Girls! our unique DC model for the Girls Inc. Experience brings every girl:

• A safe girl only environment that is forward-looking and fun

• Relevant research-based curricula

• Trusting, mentoring relationships with trained professional staff and volunteers

• Girl-centered, motivating, intentional activities that develop and promote girls’ strengths

• Programming and supports over time to increase positive outcomes

The approach is fun, but the purpose is serious- preparing every girl to stay in school, reach her potential and be prepared to take her place as a successful woman one day- ready to give back to society!

Girls Inc. of the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area offers year – round programs.

Where: Girls Inc Center on the Howard University Campus 2401 4th St., NW DC 20059

When: After School -During the School Year: Monday-Friday 3:00-6:00 pm

Summers -STEM Leadership Camp  Monday- Friday mid June through early August

College Prep

With an intentional emphasis on college exploration and preparation, girls take career and personal interest inventories and develop a college portfolio containing their personal career and college explorations. Tours of area colleges enable them to meet with students and faculty, to learn about academic majors, and get a feel for campus life. Our girls work with Howard students to understand the college application process including entrance exams and essays and the importance of strong high school preparation. They discuss college funding options, social life and community service. All of this is enhanced by the vibrant Howard University environment!

Economic Literacy

Equal Earners, Savvy Spenders
Equal Earners, Savvy Spenders allows girls to build their economic knowledge, skills, and abilities. Girls learn to see money as a tool to be used intelligently. Topics covered include “wants vs. needs, career development, banking skills, loan options, credit cards, investment risks vs. returns, media literacy, labor laws, global economics, and fitting a career into a full, well-rounded life. Girls learn about money and the economy, including how to manage, invest, and save money and how to help others through philanthropy. In a special partnership with ING Investments, girls are learning the power of investing and are developing portfolios of stocks, bonds and investments of their choosing!

Money Talks
Money Talks is a financial literacy workshop for girls and a significant adult. They work in teams to learn about using money wisely and powerfully.

SHE-E-O, Leadership and Community Action

Our girls network with women leaders from all walks of life. Inspired and motivated by these great women, every girl learns that she, too, can aspire, prepare, achieve, and excel in any career field she chooses! Girls engage in activities that emphasize team building and decision making both as leaders and as productive members of a team. Throughout the year, they are given many opportunities to represent themselves and the organization as leaders at community events.

Health and Wellness

Preventing Adolescent Pregnancy® Will Power/Won’t Power
Will Power/Won’t Power is an abstinence-plus program that gives young teens the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to delay sexual activity. This comprehensive sexuality education program allows girls to explore their values, identify and resist media and other pressures, and create a girl-safe community to practice assertiveness skills and learn to support other girls in delaying sexual activity. Through this program girls learn to take charge of and making informed decisions about their sexual health.

Friendly PEERsuasion
Girls learn ways to resist pressure to use harmful substances such as alcohol, tobacco, household chemicals, and other drugs. The Friendly PEERsuasion program is a unique response to girls’ needs because it approaches drug-abuse prevention as a peer issue, using the positive influence of young people modeling healthy behavior. The program has been recognized by the Dept. of Justice as a promising approach to this important topic.

Project BOLD® Living Safe and Strong
Girls learn skills and strategies to lead safer lives in their homes, in relationships, in their communities, and online. Living Safe and Strong allows girls to learn and practice self-defense techniques in a safe, girl-friendly environment, while also exploring the subject of violence through various themes from bullying and teasing to dating violence and sexual harassment. Also important, girls explore ways to use their internal strength as well as their minds and voices to help avoid situations that may lead to violence.

Girls enCourage!
Girls experience nontraditional activities and adventures that challenge them to set their own personal goals and create their own definitions of success. Wall-climbing, trail hiking, and exposure to team building activities are key elements.

Media Literacy

Girls Make the Message!
Girls increase their awareness of the scope and power of the media and the effects of media messages on girls and women. They analyze what they see and hear in the media, advocate for change in entertainment, news, and advertising media, and create images that are more realistic and reflective of their lives.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)

STEMOperation SMART®
Girls develop enthusiasm for and skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Key partners provide support for skill development in areas like coding, graphics, web and app development, cyber-safety, robotics and opportunities to explore STEM careers.

During the summer, girls can attend our six week STEM & Leadership Academy where they are mentored by industry leaders in STEM and many other interesting career fields. Girls also learn the value of sister support, develop the skills of effective leadership as well as the qualities of being a good team member.

Lockheed Martin and Girls Inc. Creating the Future!


Through STEM activities and career exposure focusing on exciting themes like Rockets & Aeronautics, Chemistry, Energy, Robotics, and Structural Engineering. Lockheed Martin volunteers mentor the girls during activities and convey the message that STEM is for everyone!




Here’s a glimpse of our six week summer academy! Thanks to Booz Allen Hamilton and #STEMGirlsForSocialGood, General Electric, Kiewit Companies, JBG Company, Code Interactive and many others, for inspiring female STEM leaders!

Ready for the Boardroom

The Women of Fortune 500 brings opportunities for young ladies to meet & mingle with inspiring women leaders & learn what it takes to become one.

Money Matters With GAP

Thanks to our forward looking GAP partnership, we’re teaching our girls to know what’s in their wallet, how to budget and invest it wisely!